CountTitleAuthorFormatDate Finished
26The Impossible Truths of LoveHannah BeckermanKindle Edition
25Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and TomorrowGabrielle ZevinAudiobook16/04/2024
24The Undead Twenty-Six: Rye.: Season Five. The Rain.RR HaywoodKindle Edition10/04/2024
23The PlaygroundMichelle FrancesKindle Edition02/04/2024
22The Devil You KnowFreida McFaddenKindle Edition28/03/2024
21Casual Cruelties: A brand new nail-biting domestic-suspense with a breathtaking twistAlison IrvingKindle Edition24/03/2024
20The Devil Wears ScrubsFreida McFaddenKindle Edition22/03/2024
19Suicide MedFreida McFaddenKindle Edition17/03/2024
18Want to Know a Secret?Freida McFaddenKindle Edition15/03/2024
17The Perfect SonFreida McFaddenKindle Edition12/03/2024
16Do Not DisturbFreida McFaddenKindle Edition05/03/2024
15The ExFreida McFaddenKindle Edition02/03/2024
14Do You Remember?Freida McFaddenKindle Edition25/02/2024
13The Surrogate MotherFreida McFaddenKindle Edition21/02/2024
12Making It So: A MemoirPatrick StewartHardcover19/02/2024
11Brain DamageFreida McFaddenKindle Edition18/02/2024
10The TeacherFreida McFaddenKindle Edition17/02/2024
9The InmateFreida McFaddenKindle Edition15/02/2024
8Ward DFreida McFaddenKindle Edition15/02/2024
7The CoworkerFreida McFaddenKindle Edition11/02/2024
6The Locked DoorFreida McFaddenKindle Edition10/02/2024
5Never LieFreida McFaddenKindle Edition09/02/2024
4The Housemaid (The Housemaid, #1)Freida McFaddenKindle Edition06/02/2024
3The Hunting PartyLucy FoleyKindle Edition29/01/2024
2EchogenesisGary GibsonKindle Edition23/01/2024
1ResonanceA.J. ScudiereKindle Edition14/01/2024
33In Lieu of YouKeith A PearsonKindle Edition24/10/2023
32The Wrong FamilyTaryn FisherKindle Edition14/09/2023
31Codename VillanelleLuke JenningsAudiobook10/09/2023
3022:22:22Adam EcclesKindle Edition10/09/2023
29The Chronicles of St Marys (book 14)Jodi TaylorKindle Edition08/09/2023
28Cabin In The WoodsSarah AldersonKindle Edition05/09/2023
27Starship For SaleMr ForbesKindle Edition30/08/2023
26Where The Crawdads SingDelia OwensKindle Edition23/08/2023
25What Lies Between UsJohn MarrsKindle Edition03/08/2023
24Thursday Murder ClubRichard OsmanKindle Edition02/08/2023
23Golden Age of the Solar Clipper - Trader's Tales/Seeker's Tales/Smuggler's Tales (12 books)Nathan LowellKindle Edition01/08/2023
22OxygenSeRainKindle Edition04/06/2023
21StaticJacqueline DrugaKindle Edition29/05/2023
20BroadcastLiam BrownKindle Edition27/05/2023
19Wolf CountryTunde FarrandKindle Edition23/05/2023
18Before and After (2 book series)Andrew ShanahanKindle Edition11/05/2023
17The GirlfriendKL SlaterKindle Edition08/05/2023
16RunBlake CrouchKindle Edition06/05/2023
15Secret Runners of New YorkMatthew ReillyKindle Edition02/05/2023
14Are You AwakeClaire McGowanKindle Edition29/04/2023
13The Couple at Number 9Claire DouglasKindle Edition23/04/2023
12DELIORR HaywoodKindle Edition18/04/2023
11The Saxon Chronicles (books 1-13)Bernard CornwellAudiobook13/04/2023
10The Family UpstairsLisa JewellKindle Edition11/04/2023
9The Chronicles of St Marys (books 6-13)Jodi TaylorKindle Edition06/04/2023
8An Officer And A SpyRobert HarrisKindle Edition23/03/2023
7Back From The DeadJoan M CheeverKindle Edition11/03/2023
6Into Thin AirJohn KrakauerAudiobook03/03/2023
5The Elfor OneRR HaywoodKindle Edition09/02/2023
4No-one Knows Us HereRebecca KelleyKindle Edition04/02/2023
3AuroraKim Stanley RobinsonKindle Edition30/01/2023
2The Chronicles of St Marys (books 1-5)Jodi TaylorKindle Edition22/01/2023
1Space OperaCatherynne M ValentaKindle Edition02/01/2023
34The SparrowMary Doria RussellKindle Edition28/12/2022
33Parable of the Sower/Parable of the Talents (Earthseed)Octavia ButlerKindle Edition12/12/2022
32Great North RoadPeter F HamiltonKindle Edition25/11/2022
31Children of RuinAdrian TchaikovskyKindle Edition12/10/2022
30Way StationClifford SimackKindle Edition03/10/2022
29The Belt (1-6)Gerald M. KilbyKindle Edition21/09/2022
28State of TerrorHilary ClintonKindle Edition29/08/2022
27Breakfast of ChampionsKurt VonnegutKindle Edition08/08/2022
26Beacon 23Hugh HoweyKindle Edition04/08/2022
25Axiom's EndLindsay EllisKindle Edition31/07/2022
24Attack SurfaceCory DoctorowKindle Edition26/07/2022
23HomelandCory DoctorowKindle Edition19/07/2022
22Little BrotherCory DoctorowKindle Edition09/07/2022
21Revelation SpaceAlistair ReynoldsKindle Edition01/07/2022
20The good psychopath's guide to successKevin Dutton & Andy McNabKindle Edition03/06/2022
19For we are manyDennis TaylorKindle Edition30/05/2022
18Red MarsKim Stanley RobinsonAudiobook25/05/2022
17Dark stateCharles StrossKindle Edition16/05/2022
16Empire gamesCharles StrossKindle Edition29/04/2022
15I choose youGayle CurtisKindle Edition16/04/2022
14The galaxy and the ground withinBecky ChambersKindle Edition13/04/2022
13Record of the spaceborn fewBecky ChambersKindle Edition10/04/2022
12A closed and common orbitBecky ChambersKindle Edition03/04/2022
11A long way to a small angry planetBecky ChambersKindle Edition27/03/2022
10The 22 Murders of Madison MayMax BarryKindle Edition12/03/2022
9ExhalationTed ChiangKindle Edition06/03/2022
8The City Where We Once LivedEric BarnesKindle Edition24/02/2022
7Light From Uncommon StarsRyka AokiKindle Edition22/02/2022
6All Systems RedMartha WellsKindle Edition06/02/2022
5Never Let Me GoKazuo IshiguroKindle Edition02/02/2022
4The Other MotherJen BristerKindle Edition01/02/2022
3Demon Haunted WorldCarl SaganKindle Edition20/01/2022
2BewildermentRichard PowersKindle Edition14/01/2022
1The Fifth SeasonNK JemisonKindle Edition04/01/2022
34EmbassytownChiana MeivilleKindle Edition27/12/2021
33We Are LegionDennis E TaylorKindle Edition26/12/2021
32Girl AAbigail DeanKindle Edition25/12/2021
31This Is How You Lose the Time WarAmal El-Mohtar and Max GladstoneKindle Edition20/12/2021
30Project Hail MaryAndy WeirKindle Edition14/12/2021
29The GirlfriendMichelle FrancesKindle Edition09/12/2021
28MortTerry PratchettKindle Edition03/12/2021
27Witches AbroadTerry PratchettKindle Edition28/11/2021
26Blue Remembered EarthAlistair ReynoldsKindle Edition06/11/2021
25Wyrd SistersTerry PratchettKindle Edition01/11/2021
24Equal RitesTerry PratchettKindle Edition27/10/2021
23DuneFrank HerbertAudiobook21/10/2021
22Guards! Guards!Terry PratchettKindle Edition11/10/2021
21Blood At The PremiereHaywood, RRKindle Edition09/10/2021
20The HumansHaig, MattKindle Edition21/09/2021
19Conventions of War (Dread Empires Fall #3)Williams, Walter JonKindle Edition01/09/2021
18The Sundering (Dread Empires Fall #2)Williams, Walter JonKindle Edition24/08/2021
17The Praxis (Dread Empires Fall #1)Williams, Walter JonKindle Edition14/08/2021
16The Camping Shop: An Undead Short StoryHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition05/08/2021
15Blood on the FloorHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition05/08/2021
14The Undead Twenty Five: The HeatHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition15/07/2021
13Huntington House: A Mike Humber Detective NovelHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition06/07/2021
12The Second RealityHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition15/06/2021
11A Town Called DiscoveryHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition08/06/2021
10The Four Worlds of Bertie CavendishHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition23/05/2021
9The Elfor Drop (The Code Book 2)Haywood, R.R.Kindle Edition23/05/2021
8GreybeardAldiss, Brian W.Kindle Edition22/05/2021
7The Book of Etta (The Road to Nowhere, #2)Elison, MegKindle Edition17/04/2021
6The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (The Road to Nowhere, #1)Elison, MegKindle Edition11/04/2021
5The Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in ScienceJardins, Julie DesKindle Edition26/03/2021
4Ripped from the Headlines!: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies Most Memorable CrimesSchechter, HaroldKindle Edition12/03/2021
3The Exiles TrilogyBova, BenKindle Edition26/02/2021
2RecursionCrouch, BlakeKindle Edition20/02/2021
1LimitlessTim PeakeKindle Edition15/01/2021
18The Undead Twenty Four: EquilibriumHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition29/12/2020
17The Undead Twenty Three: The FortHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition23/12/2020
16The Undead Twenty TwoHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition13/12/2020
15The Undead Day Twenty OneHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition04/12/2020
14The Undead Day TwentyHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition28/11/2020
13The Undead Day NineteenHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition22/11/2020
12The Undead Day EighteenHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition16/11/2020
11The Undead Day SeventeenHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition10/11/2020
10The Undead Day SixteenHaywood, R.R.Kindle Edition04/11/2020
9The Undead The Second Week (The Undead #8-14)Haywood, R.R.Kindle Edition09/09/2020
8CirceMiller, MadelineKindle Edition30/08/2020
7The Undead. The First Seven Days (The Undead #1-7 )Haywood, R.R.Kindle Edition23/08/2020
6The Worldship Humility (The Code #1)Haywood, R.R.Kindle Edition08/08/2020
5Wall of SilenceBuchanan, TracyKindle Edition19/07/2020
4MillenniumBova, BenKindle Edition20/06/2020
3OutwalkersShaw, FionaKindle Edition10/06/2020
2Someone Else's SecretSpiro, JuliaKindle Edition02/06/2020
1One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1)Lawrence, MarkKindle Edition02/03/2020