TitleAuthorDate FinishedReview
What Lies Between UsJohn Marrs3rd August 2023
Thursday Murder ClubRichard Osman2nd August 2023
Golden Age of the Solar Clipper - Trader's Tales/Seeker's Tales/Smuggler's Tales (12 books)Nathan Lowell1st August 2023
OxygenSeth Rain4th June 2023This was really bad
StaticJacqueline Druga29th May 2023
BroadcastLiam Brown27th May 2023
Wolf CountryTunde Farrand23rd May 2023
Before and After (2 book series)Andrew Shanahan11th May 2023These were silly but I did enjoy them
The GirlfriendKL Slater8th May 2023
RunBlake Crouch6th May 2023Generic family survives ultra-violent dystopian events against the odds. As shit as it sounds.
Secret Runners of New YorkMatthew Reilly2nd May 2023Silly but enjoyable
Are You AwakeClaire McGowan29th April 2023
The Couple at Number 9Claire Douglas23rd April 2023The main characters were very annoying, and I had it worked out within like 25%
DELIORR Haywood18th April 2023
The Saxon Chronicles (books 1-13)Bernard Cornwell13th April 2023Audiobook, been going since Feb. I suspect it would be harder to read because of the names etc. I was sad when it ended.
The Family UpstairsLisa Jewell11th April 2023I was gripped for most of it, but the ending was pants. Acceptable holiday book though
Hull Zero ThreeGreg BearDNFI got about halfway through and was miserable throughout, gave up
The Chronicles of St Marys (books 6-13)Jodi Taylor6th April 2023More (not) time travel, just as fun as the earlier ones
An Officer And A SpyRobert HarrisMarch 2023Way better than I expected considering it is well out of my usual genre
Back From The DeadJoan M CheeverMarch 2023Interesting, though convenient that all the men she interviewed were 'innocent' or their crimes were 'justifiable'...
Into Thin AirJohn KrakauerMarch 2023
The Elfor OneRR Haywood9th Feb 2023Can this man write a bad book??
No-one Knows Us HereRebecca Kelley4th Feb 2023It was free, I can see why
AuroraKim Stanley Robinson30th Jan 2023I think I've read this before, nevertheless I did enjoy it, the end was weirdly depressing though
The Chronicles of St Marys (books 1-5)Jodi Taylor22nd Jan 2023Definitely not time travel. Lightweight and easy to read but lots of fun
Space OperaCatherynne M Valenta2nd Jan 2023Very silly, excellent xmas holiday choice though


TitleAuthorDate FinishedReview
The SparrowMary Doria Russell28th December 2022Depressing but compelling
Parable of the Sower/Parable of the Talents (Earthseed)Octavia Butler12th December 2022
Great North RoadPeter F Hamilton25th November 2022This was one of those books where everything was resolved in the last couple of chapters, annoying because it was good before that.
Children of RuinAdrian Tchaikovsky12th October 2022I really did not enjoy this book
Way StationClifford Simack3rd October 2022
The Belt (1-6)Gerald M. Kilby21st September 2022
State of TerrorHilary Clinton29th August 2022
Breakfast of ChampionsKurt Vonnegut8th August 2022A reread
Beacon 23Hugh Howey4th August 2022Bleak, I do love HH though
Axiom's EndLindsay Ellis31st July 2022This got good reviews but didn't do it for me, I don't think aliens-on-earth is my genre
Attack SurfaceCory Doctorow26th July 2022
HomelandCory Doctorow19th July 2022
Little BrotherCory Doctorow9th July 2022
Revelation SpaceAlistair Reynolds1st July 2022It would be an understatement to say that I did NOT enjoy this and could not wait for it to end.
The good psychopath's guide to successKevin Dutton & Andy McNab3rd June 2022Written in a really annoying way, not sure it contained any particularly useful information
For we are manyDennis Taylor30th May 2022I'm over the Bobiverse now
Red MarsKim Stanley Robinson25th May 2022A classic
Dark stateCharles Stross16th May 2022
Empire gamesCharles Stross29th April 2022
I choose youGayle Curtis16th April 2022So badly written, awful plot that doesn't really make sense. All the characters were unlikeable. Nothing is revealed til the last chapter and even then it makes little sense.
The galaxy and the ground withinBecky Chambers13th April 2022This one is new, woo
Record of the spaceborn fewBecky Chambers10th April 2022Yep, definitely read this before
A closed and common orbitBecky Chambers3rd April 2022I'm sure I've read this before
A long way to a small angry planetBecky Chambers27th March 2022Re-read
The 22 Murders of Madison MayMax BarryMar 12, 2022Kinda lightweight but enjoyable parallel world stuff, would recommend
ExhalationTed ChiangMar 06, 2022As with all short story collections some were excellent, some less so. I particularly liked 'The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling', 'What's Expected of Us' and 'Anxiety Is the Dizziness of Freedom'. 'The Lifecycle of Software Objects' was too long and silly.
The City Where We Once LivedEric BarnesFeb 24, 2022Dark, unsatisfactory ending but that kinda fits.
Light From Uncommon StartsRyka AokiFeb 22, 2022This was nuts. I enjoyed every second of it.
Never Let Me GoKazuo IshiguroFeb 2, 2022A sad book, good read but nothing jolly about it.
All Systems RedMartha WellsFeb 06, 2022Lots of people rave about these Murderbot books, I liked it well enought but not excited to read the sequel.
The Other MotherJen BristerFeb 01, 2022Some of this was very relatable, obviously. Given it's about her first year or so with the twins it would probably have meant more if I'd read it a few years ago.
Demon Haunted WorldCarl SaganJan 20, 2022Quite dated now but still weirdly relevant. Bit hard work though.
BewildermentRichard PowersJan 14, 2022Ooof this one hurt me. Prepare yourselves.
The Fifth SeasonNK JemisonJan 04, 2022Can't decide if I liked this or not. Not my usual cup of tea but I'm editing this review 2 months later and the world is still living in my head. Perhaps I should read the sequel.


TitleAuthorDate FinishedReview
EmbassytownChiana MeivilleDec 27, 2021
We Are LegionDennis E TaylorDec 26, 2021
Girl AAbigail DeanDec 25, 2021
This Is How You Lose the Time WarAmal El-Mohtar and Max GladstoneDec 20, 2021
Project Hail MaryAndy WeirDec 14, 2021This was so disappointing arrrrgggggggggg
The GirlfriendMichelle FrancesDec 9, 2021
MortTerry PratchettDec 3, 2021
Witches AbroadTerry PratchettNov 28, 2021
Blue Remembered EarthAlistair ReynoldsNov 6, 2021
Wyrd SistersTerry PratchettNov 1, 2021
Equal RitesTerry PratchettOct 27, 2021
DuneFrank HerbertOct 21, 2021
Guards! Guards!Terry PratchettOct 11, 2021
Blood At The PremiereHaywood, RROct 09, 2021
The HumansHaig, MattSep 21, 2021
Conventions of War (Dread Empires Fall #3)Williams, Walter JonSep 01, 2021
The Sundering (Dread Empires Fall #2)Williams, Walter JonAug 24, 2021
The Praxis (Dread Empires Fall #1)Williams, Walter JonAug 14, 2021
Blood on the FloorHaywood, R.R.Aug 05, 2021
The Camping Shop: An Undead Short StoryHaywood, R.R.Aug 05, 2021
The Undead Twenty Five: The HeatHaywood, R.R.Jul 15, 2021
Huntington House: A Mike Humber Detective NovelHaywood, R.R.Jul 06, 2021
The Second RealityHaywood, R.R.Jun 15, 2021
A Town Called DiscoveryHaywood, R.R.Jun 08, 2021
The Elfor Drop (The Code Book 2)Haywood, R.R.May 23, 2021
The Four Worlds of Bertie CavendishHaywood, R.R.May 23, 2021
GreybeardAldiss, Brian W.May 22, 2021
The Book of Etta (The Road to Nowhere, #2)Elison, MegApr 17, 2021
The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (The Road to Nowhere, #1)Elison, MegApr 11, 2021
The Madame Curie Complex: The Hidden History of Women in ScienceJardins, Julie DesMar 26, 2021
Ripped from the Headlines!: The Shocking True Stories Behind the Movies Most Memorable CrimesSchechter, HaroldMar 12, 2021
The Exiles TrilogyBova, BenFeb 26, 2021
RecursionCrouch, BlakeFeb 20, 2021
LimitlessTim PeakeJan 15, 2021


TitleAuthorDate FinishedReview
The Undead Twenty Four: EquilibriumHaywood, R.R.Dec 29, 2020
The Undead Twenty Three: The FortHaywood, R.R.Dec 23, 2020
The Undead Twenty TwoHaywood, R.R.Dec 13, 2020
The Undead Day Twenty OneHaywood, R.R.Dec 04, 2020
The Undead Day TwentyHaywood, R.R.Nov 28, 2020
The Undead Day NineteenHaywood, R.R.Nov 22, 2020
The Undead Day EighteenHaywood, R.R.Nov 16, 2020
The Undead Day SeventeenHaywood, R.R.Nov 10, 2020
The Undead Day SixteenHaywood, R.R.Nov 04, 2020
The Undead The Second Week (The Undead #8-14)Haywood, R.R.Sep 09, 2020
CirceMiller, MadelineAug 30, 2020
The Undead. The First Seven Days (The Undead #1-7 )Haywood, R.R.Aug 23, 2020
The Worldship Humility (The Code #1)Haywood, R.R.Aug 08, 2020
Wall of SilenceBuchanan, TracyJul 19, 2020
MillenniumBova, BenJun 20, 2020
OutwalkersShaw, FionaJun 10, 2020
Someone Else's SecretSpiro, JuliaJun 02, 2020
One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1)Lawrence, MarkMar 02, 2020