This is history dudes, all the way back from Jan 8, 2021

Bio #

After a short but illustrious career as webmaster for a number of uniquely designed X-Files and Stargate SG-1 fan sites in the 90's, I decided to get a proper job. A meandering path through accountancy, volcanoes in space, teaching maths to teenagers and pulling pints eventually lead back to the web, though this time I was called Web Developer and people paid me money to do it. Not much, but startup life be that way.

Now I'm a Senior Developer, which sounds pretty important, and I've somehow migrated from building beautiful websites with frames and animated gifs to serious backend development that make serious apps do serious things seriously.

When not being serious, I play a LOT of Lego with the 4yo. I make beautiful houses and buildings that get demolished and turned into police stations. Or set on fire. Or run over by a monster truck. I sometimes volunteer myself for conference talks or arranging tech meetups, but that's all been a bit limited lately what with the world ending, so I may have forgotten how to interact with real life humans.

Things I am up to right now: #