Remote Working Review - Month One(ish)

I started working (almost) full time remote at the start of January. It's been two full months now, thought I'm not sure the first month really counts, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on how it's going.

Why work remote?

I was finding that my previous job didn't offer me the flexibility I thought I wanted in my days. I have a toddler who turned 3 just a few weeks ago and I really felt like I was missing out on a lot of his life, I was leaving before he woke up and getting home at tea time when he was tired and grumpy. I only really got to hang with him at weekends which then was a lot of pressure for me to be the 'fun mummy' AND get jobs done round the house AND give the wife a bit of time off as she doesn't really get a break during the week either. I was tired and all I really wanted to do was have a lie in and watch shitty TV.

There were other reasons that remote work appealed to me. I miss having control over my schedule. I want to eat good food instead of spending all my money on crap sandwiches from Tesco Express. I want to do some exercise so I don't die at 40, but I don't have any spare time left to give to the gym. I wanted time to think quietly about things in a nice comfortable environment, stop arguing about aircon and being interrupted by pointless meetings.

Expectations vs Reality

Autonomy over my schedule

Spend more time with my family

Eat healthier food

Save money


Quiet time to think about things

Nice environment

Unexpected side effects

OK so I do know myself quite well, and this shouldn't have been an unexpected side effect but I was determined at the start that I was not going to fall into the same old traps. Well, I did :D

I do not like asking for help. I don't think anyone does really, admitting you don't know what you're doing is hard. I am getting a LOT better at putting my big girl pants on and asking the embarrassingly stupid questions - I still need to do it more though. I've struggled through some things over the last few weeks that I probably didn't need to do completely by myself.

It's a problem though, because the way I learn things best is by actually doing stuff. Videos, reading, people telling things... it just doesn't stick. However a little bit of guidance is probably not a bad thing. Work in progress...!

It's getting better as I get to know people more, so I know who to ask (and how to ask them). It's tough getting to know your team when you're new and remote, this is not something I have really got figured out yet. I've committed to going into the office once a week so we can hang out in real life and that has really helped. To be honest I think I would have had the same problem at any new job, whether it was remote or not.

Plans for the future

So no plan is ever set in stone. I've had tried a routine-free casual approach to work for the last few weeks, time to experiment.

For March, I will try and stick to a rough daily schedule where I get up, have breaks and finish the day at the same time. Lets see what happens...!