Books I will (might) read in 2021

My dad bought me Gateway by Frederik Pohl (plus all the sequels!) for Xmas 2020, and this sent me on a journey into the (massive) list of SF Masterworks books. I am under no illusion that I will finish all 180 books in one year, but I aim to get through a few.

I usually manage about 50 books a year, but I already have a few others (Undead Series, Tim Peake's Autobiography) in the pipeline so I'm going to aim for maybe 30 of these in 2021..?

11974The Forever WarThe Forever WarJoe Haldeman
21954I Am LegendI Am LegendRichard Matheson
31970Cities in FlightCities in FlightJames Blish
41975Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Philip K. Dick
51956The Stars My DestinationThe Stars My DestinationAlfred Bester
61966Babel-17Babel-17Samuel R. Delany
71967Lord of LightLord of LightRoger Zelazny
81972The Fifth Head of CerberusThe Fifth Head of CerberusGene Wolfe
91977GatewayGatewayFrederik Pohl
101975The Rediscovery of ManThe Rediscovery of ManCordwainer Smith
111930Last and First MenLast and First MenOlaf Stapledon
121949Earth AbidesEarth AbidesGeorge R. Stewart
131964Martian Time-SlipMartian Time-SlipPhilip K. Dick
141953The Demolished ManThe Demolished ManAlfred Bester
151968Stand on ZanzibarStand on ZanzibarJohn Brunner
161975The DispossessedThe DispossessedUrsula K. Le Guin
171962The Drowned WorldThe Drowned WorldJ. G. Ballard
181959The Sirens of TitanThe Sirens of TitanKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
191969EmphyrioEmphyrioJack Vance
201977A Scanner DarklyA Scanner DarklyPhilip K. Dick
211937Star MakerStar MakerOlaf Stapledon
221969Behold the ManBehold the ManMichael Moorcock
231972The Book of SkullsThe Book of SkullsRobert Silverberg
241895The Time Machine and The War of the WorldsThe Time Machine and The War of the WorldsH. G. Wells
251966Flowers for AlgernonFlowers for AlgernonDaniel Keyes
261969UbikUbikPhilip K. Dick
271980TimescapeTimescapeGregory Benford
281953More Than HumanMore Than HumanTheodore Sturgeon
291976Man PlusMan PlusFrederik Pohl
301958A Case of ConscienceA Case of ConscienceJames Blish
311974The Centauri DeviceThe Centauri DeviceM. John Harrison
321965Dr. BloodmoneyDr. BloodmoneyPhilip K. Dick
331958Non-StopNon-StopBrian W. Aldiss
341979The Fountains of ParadiseThe Fountains of ParadiseArthur C. Clarke
351968PavanePavaneKeith Roberts
361966Now Wait for Last YearNow Wait for Last YearPhilip K. Dick
371968NovaNovaSamuel R. Delany
381901The First Men in the MoonThe First Men in the MoonH. G. Wells
391956The City and the StarsThe City and the StarsArthur C. Clarke
401985Blood MusicBlood MusicGreg Bear
411979JemJemFrederik Pohl
421953Bring the JubileeBring the JubileeWard Moore
431981ValisValisPhilip K. Dick
441971The Lathe of HeavenThe Lathe of HeavenUrsula K. Le Guin
451980The Complete RoderickThe Complete RoderickJohn Sladek
461974Flow My Tears, the Policeman SaidFlow My Tears, the Policeman SaidPhilip K. Dick
471897The Invisible ManThe Invisible ManH. G. Wells
481989GrassGrassSheri S. Tepper
491961A Fall of MoondustA Fall of MoondustArthur C. Clarke
501985EonEonGreg Bear
511956The Shrinking ManThe Shrinking ManRichard Matheson
521965The Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchThe Three Stigmata of Palmer EldritchPhilip K. Dick
531972The Dancers at the End of TimeThe Dancers at the End of TimeMichael Moorcock
541953The Space MerchantsThe Space MerchantsFrederik Pohl & C. M. Kornbluth
551959Time Out of JointTime Out of JointPhilip K. Dick
561970Downward to the EarthDownward to the EarthRobert Silverberg
571964The SimulacraThe SimulacraPhilip K. Dick
581964The Penultimate TruthThe Penultimate TruthPhilip K. Dick
591972Dying InsideDying InsideRobert Silverberg
601970RingworldRingworldLarry Niven
611989The Child GardenThe Child GardenGeoff Ryman
621954Mission of GravityMission of GravityHal Clement
631970Maze of DeathMaze of DeathPhilip K. Dick
641970Tau ZeroTau ZeroPoul Anderson
651973Rendezvous with RamaRendezvous with RamaArthur C. Clarke
661987Life During WartimeLife During WartimeLucius Shepard
671976Where Late the Sweet Birds SangWhere Late the Sweet Birds SangKate Wilhelm
681977Roadside PicnicRoadside PicnicArkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky
691980Dark BenedictionDark BenedictionWalter M. Miller, Jr.
701980MockingbirdMockingbirdWalter Tevis
711965DuneDuneFrank Herbert
721966The Moon is a Harsh MistressThe Moon is a Harsh MistressRobert A. Heinlein
731962The Man in the High CastleThe Man in the High CastlePhilip K. Dick
741969The Left Hand of DarknessThe Left Hand of DarknessUrsula K. Le Guin
751959A Canticle for LeibowitzA Canticle for LeibowitzWalter M. Miller, Jr.
761953Childhood's EndChildhood's EndArthur C. Clarke
771951The Day of the TriffidsThe Day of the TriffidsJohn Wyndham
781974The Inverted WorldThe Inverted WorldChristopher Priest
791963Cat's CradleCat's CradleKurt Vonnegut, Jr.
801896The Island of Dr. MoreauThe Island of Dr. MoreauH. G. Wells
811974DhalgrenDhalgrenSamuel R. Delany
821895The Time MachineThe Time MachineH. G. Wells
831986HelliconiaHelliconiaBrian W. Aldiss
841904The Food of the GodsThe Food of the GodsH. G. Wells
851955The Body SnatchersThe Body SnatchersJack Finney
861975The Female ManThe Female ManJoanna Russ
871976ArslanArslanM. J. Engh
881990The Difference EngineThe Difference EngineWilliam Gibson & Bruce Sterling
891995The PrestigeThe PrestigeChristopher Priest
901964GreybeardGreybeardBrian W. Aldiss
911944SiriusSiriusOlaf Stapledon
921989HyperionHyperionDan Simmons
931952CityCityClifford D. Simak
941973Hellstrom's HiveHellstrom's HiveFrank Herbert
951968Of Men and MonstersOf Men and MonstersWilliam Tenn
962011RUR & War with the NewtsRUR & War with the NewtsKarel Capek
971981The AffirmationThe AffirmationChristopher Priest
981976Floating WorldsFloating WorldsCecelia Holland
991960Rogue MoonRogue MoonAlgis Budrys
1001967Dangerous VisionsDangerous VisionsHarlan Ellison
1011935Odd JohnOdd JohnOlaf Stapledon
1021990The Fall of HyperionThe Fall of HyperionDan Simmons
1031979The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyDouglas Adams
1041898The War of the WorldsThe War of the WorldsH. G. Wells
1051991SynnersSynnersPat Cadigan
1061991Sarah CanarySarah CanaryKaren Joy Fowler
1071993AmmoniteAmmoniteNicola Griffith
1081974The Continuous Katherine MortenhoeThe Continuous Katherine MortenhoeD. G. Compton
1091818FrankensteinFrankensteinMary Shelley
1101980Riddley WalkerRiddley WalkerRussell Hoban
1111992Doomsday BookDoomsday BookConnie Willis
1121988Unquenchable FireUnquenchable FireRachel Pollack
1131968The Caltraps of TimeThe Caltraps of TimeDavid I. Masson
1141979Engine SummerEngine SummerJohn Crowley
1151989Take Back PlentyTake Back PlentyColin Greenland
1161995Slow RiverSlow RiverNicola Griffith
1171988The Gate to Women's CountryThe Gate to Women's CountrySheri S. Tepper
1181987The Sea and SummerThe Sea and SummerGeorge Turner
1191958WaspWaspEric Frank Russell
1201998To Say Nothing of the DogTo Say Nothing of the DogConnie Willis
1211972The Gods ThemselvesThe Gods ThemselvesIsaac Asimov
1221986This is the Way the World EndsThis is the Way the World EndsJames Morrow
1231975The DeepThe DeepJohn Crowley
1242013Time Is the Fire: The Best of Connie WillisTime Is the Fire: The Best of Connie WillisConnie Willis
1251982No Enemy But TimeNo Enemy But TimeMichael Bishop
1261956Double StarDouble StarRobert A. Heinlein
1272000Revelation SpaceRevelation SpaceAlastair Reynolds
1281993Random Acts of Senseless ViolenceRandom Acts of Senseless ViolenceJack Womack
1291979TransfigurationsTransfigurationsMichael Bishop
1301981The Restaurant at the End of the UniverseThe Restaurant at the End of the UniverseDouglas Adams
1311957The Door Into SummerThe Door Into SummerRobert A. Heinlein
1321982Life, the Universe and EverythingLife, the Universe and EverythingDouglas Adams
1331971Half Past HumanHalf Past HumanT. J. Bass
1341955The Long TomorrowThe Long TomorrowLeigh Brackett
1351975The GodwhaleThe GodwhaleT. J. Bass
1361990Her Smoke Rose Up ForeverHer Smoke Rose Up ForeverJames Tiptree, Jr.
1371972The Word for World is ForestThe Word for World is ForestUrsula K. Le Guin
1381964Hard to Be a GodHard to Be a GodArkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky
1391996Night LampNight LampJack Vance
1401965Monday Begins on SaturdayMonday Begins on SaturdayArkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky
1412015The Wind's Twelve Quarters & The Compass RoseThe Wind's Twelve Quarters & The Compass RoseUrsula K. Le Guin
1421977Dying of the LightDying of the LightGeorge R. R. Martin
1431992A Fire Upon the DeepA Fire Upon the DeepVernor Vinge
1441975NorstriliaNorstriliaCordwainer Smith
1451952LimboLimboBernard Wolfe
1461963The Man Who Fell to EarthThe Man Who Fell to EarthWalter Tevis
1471995FairylandFairylandPaul J. McAuley
1481955The ChrysalidsThe ChrysalidsJohn Wyndham
1491985Always Coming HomeAlways Coming HomeUrsula K. Le Guin
1501994Feersum EndjinnFeersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
1511999A Deepness in the SkyA Deepness in the SkyVernor Vinge
1521937Swastika NightSwastika NightMurray Constantine
1531957The Midwich CuckoosThe Midwich CuckoosJohn Wyndham
1541992China Mountain ZhangChina Mountain ZhangMaureen F. McHugh
1551959Starship TroopersStarship TroopersRobert A. Heinlein
1561984NeuromancerNeuromancerWilliam Gibson
1572016The Book of the New Sun, Volume 1The Book of the New Sun, Volume 1Gene Wolfe
1582016The Book of the New Sun, Volume 2The Book of the New Sun, Volume 2Gene Wolfe
1591933The Shape of Things to ComeThe Shape of Things to ComeH. G. Wells
1601989The Doomed CityThe Doomed CityArkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky
1611990Raising the StonesRaising the StonesSheri S. Tepper
1621973The EmbeddingThe EmbeddingIan Watson
1631967Cryptozoic! / An AgeCryptozoic! / An AgeBrian W. Aldiss
1641935Land Under EnglandLand Under EnglandJoseph O'Neill
1651991RaftRaftStephen Baxter
1661998Dreaming in SmokeDreaming in SmokeTricia Sullivan
1671992FoolsFoolsPat Cadigan
1682019The Best of R. A. LaffertyThe Best of R. A. LaffertyR. A. Lafferty
1692002LightLightM. John Harrison
1701984Native TongueNative TongueSuzette Haden Elgin
1711968The Snail on the SlopeThe Snail on the SlopeArkady Strugatsky & Boris Strugatsky
1721975The Shockwave RiderThe Shockwave RiderJohn Brunner
1731980Lord Valentine's CastleLord Valentine's CastleRobert Silverberg
1742004River of GodsRiver of GodsIan McDonald
1751971A Time of ChangesA Time of ChangesRobert Silverberg
1762020The Andromeda AnthologyThe Andromeda AnthologyFred Hoyle & John Elliot
1772020Worlds of Exile and IllusionWorlds of Exile and IllusionUrsula K. Le Guin
1782001Bold as LoveBold as LoveGwyneth Jones
1791988Desolation RoadDesolation RoadIan McDonald
1802002Castles Made of SandCastles Made of SandGwyneth Jones