Gay babies for everyone!

So we were very lucky when we decided we wanted to have a kid. Wife just went to the doctor and asked what we needed to do, and she just happened to get the attention of one of the partners of the practice who did all kinds of shenanigans we were not privy to that meant we were entitled to up to 3 rounds of IUI treatment for no cost. We were extra lucky that she got knocked up on the first go so there was no back and forth and disappointments and stress (well there was some stress...!!).

Some friends of ours in the same position, who live literally a couple of miles away, had a different doctor and got exactly zero help. They ended up paying tens of thousands of pounds for IVF so they could have their kid.

This news is probably irrelevant to most people, and to us now because we're sticking to just one, but it does give me hope for the next generation of ladies who want babies with another lady.