"So you want to buy me a present?"


  • Galactic Unicorn
  • Pico weather monitor, indoor or outdoor (or both?)
  • TBH any cool Pico accessories, I love them. If there's a choice between soldered or not soldered though, always pick soldered... I can do it but I'd rather not!
  • Microscope I can use with the child (5, so make it sturdy). I've seen some you can use with your phone which look cool but I like the idea of a non-digital one. We can stick bugs and mud and stuff under it and do science things. I've seen some pocket ones on amazon that do like 120x for under 20 quid
  • Really any sort of science-gadget or game I can play with the child. He will become one of us.


I am an eco-bathroom person, and I'll willing to give most hipster, non-plastic things a try, especially if it's an unnecessary gadget. There are a few caveats to this though...

Yes * Face moisturiser - this Ilex Wood stuff is the only thing I will use these days, along with * This face soap, yeh I think it's for men but what can I say, I'm a rebel

No * Natural deodorant. I tried, but let me tell you, that was a bad week to sit next to me on the bus :D


Most snacks go down well here,

Yes * Peanut butter things * Ginger flavoured things, the stronger the better * Things I can drink neat, like this rum or this un-classy bourbon and obvs Baileys. Feel free to try finding something unusual though, just nothing too sweet

No * Dark chocolate * White wine * Gin (I do like gin, but we already have a LOT)