Looking forward to 2023

I always say I don't make new years resolutions but it's a total lie, I fall victim to the artificial 'new start' myth every time. I try not to do too many things because I there's a good chance I won't actually do any of them, so a smaller list means less things to fail at :D

So here's my little list for 2023:

Work related

  • Learn Typescript and maybe Go. I used to be able to do stuff all over the stack but I've basically only written Python since about 2020. I've done some fiddling with DevOps stuff like terraform and the AWS Python CDK but that stuff is a means to an end, I'm happy knowing just enough to do the things I need to do and nothing more.
    I like making stuff people can actually use, and whilst I do like Python very much and can definitely make stuff using it, I don't like feeling left out of all the other bits, so I'm gonna do what everyone else is doing and learn TS and Go.

General life stuff

  • I've always wanted to be able to play the piano, I taught myself a bit when I was at school but never properly. I have a full size electric piano in the loft, so there's theoretically no reason I can't.... it's just finding time and a teacher or videos or something that I can stick with.

Healthy stuff

  • Find a sport that I don't hate - there's no chance of me being a gym-bro but I'm still working from home so I don't even walk to the bus stop these days. If I don't find a reason to get up and move about I will (continue to) expand to fill the available space, which is a 3 bed semi so that's quite large for a human.


  • This blog needs a bit of love. I like to keep a record of the books I read but the way I'm getting them into a list on here is a bit shit. The whole blog itself was a quick and dirty port from Jekyll to Eleventy so it's pretty messy under the hood. And above the hood, it's pretty ugly. I'm no designer, and that's very clear from the looks of this old thing!
  • Do something with my energy tracker data. I've had many ideas about this but none of them have seen the light of day yet, so again, no plan yet but I would like to do something cool with this stuff.