Fancy sounding title of Staff Engineer in the Data Engineering team at Plandek, making the not-so-exciting world of metrics more interesting and useful for engineering teams, helping people build software better with numbers and data. No sticks here, we're much smarter than just counting lines of code :D

Projects in flight:

  • home energy visualisation project using many different IoT devices and, because I am a fool, microk8s
  • turning an old kindle into a pi e-ink display for a home calendar
  • green energy visualisation using an... xmas tree?

Other stuff I like to do:

  • build lego
  • read books (mostly scifi)
  • bashing the drums (HXM HD006 electronic kit)


  • work laptop - 13" MacBook M1 Pro
  • my laptops
    • xps13 64-bit i7 running Ubuntu
    • 13" MacBook Pro (intel version)
    • iPad pro, does that count as a laptop?
  • my servers
    • an old Mac Mini from like 2013 running my media server
    • Gigabyte Brix GB-BXBT-1900 with a load of storage and 8gb RAM running my k8s homelab
    • more Raspberry Pis than you can shake a stick at
  • my phone - oneplus nord2


  • I mostly write python, but this blog uses eleventy so I have to do little bits of javascript
  • Trying to up my GCP skills, because that's what we use at work, but I've spent years learning AWS so it's a challenge
  • Obsessive about testing, possibly made the wrong career choice and missed out on my calling as an test automation person
  • I know enough about enough things to cause trouble, but I'm no expert on anything, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I just like building cool things and sometimes that means a python API, sometimes that means CSS. Occasionally that means buggering about with EC2 instances, but hopefully not in prod :D

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